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Family Tradition

At McLean Family Restaurant, you are not only part of the family but part of a tradition.  Our tradition began over 40 years ago, when George Kapetanakis set out to provide a living for his family, truly living the American dream.  George grew up in Greece, harvesting olives and making olive oil and fresh cheeses.


In 1969, the local delicatessen turned into Mclean Family Restaurant. Currently operated by the Kapetanakis family, MFR prides itself as having the best staff to make you feel comfortable at all times.  Our kind hearted staff is the backbone to the McLean Family Restaurant, and without them, we wouldn't have been able to serve McLean, Virginia all these years. 


We would like to especially thank YOU, the loyal customers of MFR!  The overwhelming support you have shown us through the years has been remarkable.  Come pick up a Sunday newspaper and get the whole family out for a good breakfast, good company, and memories of years past.


When you’re at MFR, you’re part of the family.


MFR is kid friendly and wheelchair accessible

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